Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Doctor is in...

  • Twizzler is learning about singular and plural. Today he had to circle the singular nouns in a paragraph. Skittles answered some questions about adjectives and adverbs. 
  • Skittles learned about carrying when using decimals in math. Twizzler learned about skip counting and multiplying. 
  • In history we read some more about Celtic life during the Iron age. Then the kids drew a Celtic house. We looked at a picture of wattle and daub construction. We also looked at the clothing the Celtic people wore. 
  • They colored a picture of an Elasmosaurus. I found a video on You Tube that shows a few different images of Elasmosaurus. The kids say it looks like the Water Horse, one of their favorite movies. 
  • Hershey used the potty 2 times today. He got to pick some toys out of a doctor kit. He chose a stethoscope and a syringe. He chased Skittles around the house with the syringe saying, "I need to give you a flu shot!" Skittles ran away screaming. "NO!" Twizzler took his shots like a big boy though. Dr, Hershey also listened to our breaths and our "boom boom"(heart).

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