Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to School Cookies

We have had a 3 week break. It was hard to get started. We had friends over too so that made it extra hard. We took a break between subjects to bake and decorate cookies. Skittles took advantage of the fact that I had some organic jimmies. Everyone had 3 cookies each. Luckily only the first cookie was decorated. 

Despite a slow start the kids got into the swing of things pretty fast. 
  • Skittles wrote out some sentences adding the words to, two, or too where they were appropriate. Twizzler added plural nouns to some sentences.  Hershey practiced using a pencil to write on an old writing tablet page. 
  • Twizzler's math lesson was on tally marks today. Skittles math lesson was on adding and subtracting in the thousands and regrouping. Both boys got a 100%.
  • Skittles painting this week is Seaside by James Jacques Tissot. He copied a sentence about her dress. Twizzler is studying Tickling the Baby by Fritz Zuber-Buhler. He forgot the l and to cross his t. We all had a laugh that he had written, "The baby gets licked."
  • In history we read about the judges of Israel. Then they colored a map and created a key. 
  • Skittles is competing in a spelling bee in a couple of weeks so for his spelling, I am just having him study one row of the spelling list per day. I am giving Twizzler a review week. I went through his past spelling tests and wrote down all of the words he has misspelled. Today he copied them. I also wrote sentences to go with the words for him to copy. 
  • In science they read about diplodocus then they colored a picture of one. 
  • Twizzler read a story about a little girl visiting her grandparents from his Abeka reader. Skittles read a chapter from Robin Hood. 
"It is about Robin the Outlaw. He stopped calling himself his real name and started to call himself Robin Hood. He ran into the forest with the Merry Men. They went up north but they had to come back down because it was too cold. Along the way they freed two captives from foresters. After that, they had a feast and they set the next few days for sports such as boxing, zip-lining, wrestling, and pole jumping."

  • Both boys finished up the day working on their Awana books. 
HALLELUJAH! We survived our first Monday back!

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