Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pimp My Ride

Today I hung out by the sewing machine all day. I got some projects done that have been on my to-do list for a long time now like this steering wheel cover. I got the idea from Pinterest of course. I made mine a little different though. I was afraid that it would slip while steering so I got shelf liner from the Dollar Tree and sewed it on the inside of the material. 

I was blessed with a new-to-me car right before Christmas. I absolutely love my new ride. When I got it though, 3 of the 4 door panels had come off, I assume, from the Florida heat. So I got half a yard gray blizzard fleece and some spray adhesive. VOILA, new car interior in 10 minutes. 

School went so much better today. There was a lot less nagging from me and tears from the kids. 
  • Twizzler copied a short poem in his Language Lessons. Skittles wrote an acrostic poem using his own name. 
  • In math Twizzler learned about odd and even numbers. Skittles learned about thousands and thousandths. Both boys got a 91%. 
  • The boys read some more about Samson from The Story. Each boy has their own copy that is suited to their age and reading abilities. Twizzler read from The Story for Children. Skittles read from The Story for Kids. Then they drew a picture of Samson and wrote about the time of the judges in their journals. 
  • In science they did some research on diplodocus and recorded their findings in their journals. 
  • Skittles read the chapter in Robin Hood when Robin fought Little John on the bridge. He did a great job with his oral narration but I could not help but laugh as I pictured the epic battle depicted in Robin Hood Men in Tights.  Twizzler read the second half of his story about Marta. Hershey and I read a book about animals. 

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