Monday, January 26, 2015

Alpha Beta

Today we took our school work on the road again. Hershey had a doctor appointment out of town. Carschooling is great for me. The kids focus better in the back seat. Skittles read the history lesson aloud to us all while I drove. 
Greek Alphabet

  • Both boys are copying a poem each day this week in Language Lessons. 
  • I only had the kids do a half day of math because we had to hit the road and also they are really ahead of the game in their lessons. Twizzler is learning about long division.
  • In history we read about the Greek alphabet. We learned that we get many of our letters and phonics from the Greeks. I had Skittles write a quick narration about the ways in which the Greeks became more civilized. Twizzler copied some of the Greek letters into his journal page. This lesson came at a great time because one of Twizzler's Awana verses is about God being the Alpha and the Omega. 
  • In science we are still learning about Dinosaurs. Twizzler is learning about what species are. He did research to compare a buffalo and a bison. Skittles is trying out a new science book. He is also studying dinosaurs and fossils. Today he learned some new vocabulary words. 
  • Twizzler finished his reading book today. He was very proud of himself. I am proud of him too. Skittles is still reading Robin Hood and loving it. 

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