Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to the Old Routine

I went back to work today after 2 weeks off. My grandparents stayed with the kids. When I got home I went over the school work they had completed with them and finished what they had not gotten to yet. 
  • Skittles copied some sentences and added possessive nouns. Twizzler answered some questions about a painting. 
  • In math Twizzler learned about multiplying 6s and 4s. Skittles learned about thousandths and decimals. 
  • I gave both boys an oral spelling test. Twizzler has double the words he normally has and yesterday he misspelled more than half of them during his oral review. I don't want him to be discouraged so I decided to wait one more day to test him. Skittles can spell nearly every word on the first page if the spelling bee word list. 
  • In history they read about Ruth. I was so proud of Twizzler, he was able to narrate to me almost word for word the scripture verses when Ruth told Naomi she would not leave her side. 
  • In science the boys did research on a Stegosaurus and recorded their findings in their journals. 
  • We worked on bible verses for Awana. Skittles is halfway through his book! I am so proud of him. This year he is determined to finish a book and get an award. The parent page for today recommended that I take him out for ice cream to celebrate.... It is too cold for that though. I let him choose what we had for dinner instead. He chose chili, a fantastic choice on a cold night like tonight. 

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