Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movie Night

Another benefit of homeschooling is that bedtime is optional. When I finish typing this, we are heading out the door for 8:15 showing of the Hobbit. If it is anything like the other movies in the series we won't be home until midnight. That is not a problem though because we can sleep in tomorrow.  The tickets are cheaper on Tuesday and the kids got a bunch of movie theater gift cards for Christmas. So I need to hurry this up so we wont miss it. 
  • Skittles learned about possessive nouns and added apostrophes to some examples. Twizzler put the days of the week in order. 
  • In math Twizzler learned about multiplying by 9 and 11. Skittles did more division. 
  • In science we read bible verses about being afraid then the boys wrote down their favorite ones and what God wants us to do when we are scared. 
  • In history we read about when Saul disobeyed God and Samuel anointed David to be king one day. 
  • Hershey kept his pull-up dry all day. He used the potty all day and got to pick out prizes from the 10 cent bag in the Mom Store. 

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