Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Benefits of Homeschooling

Today was one of those days where I can really tally up many of the benefits of being able to homeschool. 
  • sleeping in until 10 am after a long night of being up with a sick little boy.... or just because you can. 
  • breakfast in bed because you don't have to rush off anywhere. 
  • being able to take school on the road to run errands. 
  • getting to do stuff for others during the day. Today we swept and mopped the rehearsal room for our dance ministry at church. Every one pitched in to help, even Hershey. He held the dust pan and "swept" with the little broom.            
The room is used all afternoon. Homeschooling allowed us to work around the schedule of the dancers. 
  • being able to take the first available doctor appointment and not worry about it interfering with school. 
  • streaming videos of science experiments and lessons instead of just reading it in a book. 
  • The very best benefit is getting to learn about God in all subjects. Science is HIS design. History is HIS story. Language is HIS creation. 

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