Thursday, September 18, 2014


Today the kids got to work early so that we could go to a Minecraft party at Chik-Fil-A. All of the homeschoolers in the county were invited. There were kids with laptops and tablets as far as the eye could see. I am not sure why I even bothered to buy the kids lunch. They were too busy playing to eat. Even Hershey was running around the play area the whole time.

This afternoon we went to the library and got our books for the rest of the week. Skittles renewed The Phantom Menace. Hershey picked out a board book about Penguins that was clearly written for little boys. One page is about penguins pooping. There is even a picture. Twizzler picked out another Star Wars book. This one is about the Clone Wars. I picked out some books about transportation for my co-op class. Twizzler got his very first library card. It is very exciting. Now we can check out more books.  

  • Twizzler finished copying his poem in language lessons. Skittles worked on complete sentences. 
  • Twizzler' math lesson was a review on place value. He got 100%. Skittles learned about Roman numerals. He got a 95%. 
  • Twizzler learned how to make a W and w in cursive. Again he did it perfect the first time and needed no correction. 
  • In history the boys put together their timelines. Skittles also did his written narration. 
  • Both boys only got one word wrong in their spelling test. Skittles finished his vocabulary words. 
  • In science, we read some more about evergreen and deciduous trees. Then they had to journal a page about the benefits of planting each near our home. We found the perfect webpage for our research here
  • Both boys read some more of their Star Wars books. 
  • then they finished up the day by working on their Awana books.


  1. Oh my gosh! I must know the name of the penguin book, please. :)